Nicolas vaillancourt

PTLW Engineering 2019-2020


This year I am excited about being part of the leadership of the PLTW class at Santa Monica High and participating in the JPL Annual Invention Challenge. 


Our team has some very innovative ideas for the competition, and I am looking forward to using more of the specialized tools I have access to during the building process. I am especially eager to integrate more advanced math, physics and 3D design techniques to bring our ideas to life.


My goals for this capstone class include continuing to develop my CAD and coding skills while solving increasingly challenging engineering problems.


In addition to PLTW, this year I am also excited to continue on the Santa Monica High School robotics team as a lead engineer, coder and driver for the 2019-2020 FTC Skystone competition. I am also working on my Eagle service project for Boy Scouts.


Nicolas Vaillancourt



Nicolas Vaillancourt

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